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Cybercrime activity is growing exponentially and so are the damages associated with cyber attacks. Cybercrime damages are not only limited to financial loss but also reputational, legal and compliance.

We help our clients in achieving information security compliance related to legal, regulatory and business requirements. As security is important for every business, we support businesses of all sizes – startups, small and medium businesses and large corporations.

We provide customized information security services for our clients to fulfil their compliance requirements.

Security Services

Penetration Testing

Secure your online presence, web shop, banking platform or IT-infrastructure with our penetration tests carried out by our experienced security team.

The same secure system today isn’t the same in a few weeks from now, which is why our engagement model enables our clients to regularly conduct penetration testing on their critical assets

Secure Code Reviews

Implement shift-left security through secure code analysis which examines the application source code to find errors that are overlooked in the initial development phase.

The analysis detects encryption errors, all SQL and XSS injections, buffer overflow, race conditions and other vulnerabilities very early in the product development life cycle and fix prior to deploy.

Cloud Security Assessment

Secure your cloud infrastructure with our comprehensive security assessment of your existing cloud configuration and measures of cloud service components from an attackers perspective.

Our CSA STAR certified cloud security experts will provide you with insights for improving cloud security controls, as well as an in-depth view of your cloud security program

Consulting Services

Security Audits

Get your information security process compliant based on industry standards like ISO 27001 & ISO 22301.

We support you in achieving relevant certifications and comply with other compliance requirements like EU GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, etc.

Security Training

Increase your competence through IT Security trainings in the areas of our expertise for your employees. Our trainings for all the below modules cover both theory and practical aspects of IT Security and Data Privacy.

– IT-Security Training

– GDPR Awareness Training

Compliance Advisory

Take advantage of our Security Officer as a Service and Data Protection Officer as a Service that provides you the ability to understand privacy frameworks and then interpret how those rules apply to your company.

We tailor compliance advisory plans for each of our clients, specific to their size, industry and existing operational needs.

Customized Consulting

As no two businesses are alike, we provide services in our area of expertise and adapt it to your requirements ensuring a balance of security processes and technical security measures is established to defend against cyber attacks.

About Us

Foreword Consult is a consulting firm providing a host of services in the domains of Information Security, Business Continuity, Risk Management and Compliance Advisory. We have envisioned adoption of flexible business practices – in creating risk transparency and support in the improvement of technical, organizational & human security aspects, there by helping to create long-term values for our clients.

We help our clients in achieving and maintaining compliance in accordance with ISO 27001, ISO 22301, SOC and data privacy regulations like EU GDPR.

Our philosophy of pragmatic approach in understanding client’s business requirements, processes and culture, align ourselves to help them achieve their vision & goals by rendering objective-oriented & resilient solutions.

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