Source Code Review

It involves performing a strategic review and analysis of a software’s code to identify potential security vulnerabilities, design flaws and verify, if key security controls are implemented.

In all our source code review projects, we use a combination of scanning tools and perform a manual review to detect backdoors, insecure coding practices, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, weak cryptography, etc.


1. Conduct a thorough study of the application

2. Creation of a comprehensive threat profile.

3. Study the code layout and prepare a code review plan.

5. Conduct code analysis through automated scans and manualreview.

5. Verify the security flaws identified in the code

6. Create reports that provide solutions to findings.


1. To be able to identify the areas of interest (weaknesses) within the codebase.

2. Verify potential flaws / vulnerabilities and eliminate false-positives based on the context the code is written.

3. Reduced overhead costs and the time it takes developers to remediate security bugs.

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